LA Residence

LA Residence

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

2021 - 2022

LA Residence is a stunning home located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, that aimed to transform its essence and character through a timeless, functional, and customized architecture that catered to the owners’ specific needs.

Despite its great potential, the existing home lacked coherence and unification of styles and textures. To achieve the desired outcome, a general redistribution of spaces was carried out, prioritizing and revaluing the master bedroom and creating a visual interplay between the rooms.

The use of natural materials with strong visual and tactile characteristics helped to consolidate the styles, where woods and earthly tones play with the Californian light, resulting in a brilliant and harmonious space. Overall, LA Residence is an exceptional project that showcases how the transformation of a home’s essence can be achieved through an architectural approach that balances functionality, timelessness, and style.

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