Barcelona, Spain


GALA is a project that began in 2019 with the aim of finding the perfect property for our client resulting in an ideal location in a stunning penthouse in one of Barcelona’s prime areas.

Previously used as an office, the penthouse’s prime location did not take full advantage of the magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and Collserola mountain range. The main objective of the GALA project was to maximize this privileged location by establishing a direct relationship with the environment through a perimeter intervention and comprehensive interior renovation that prioritized timelessness, warmth, and high-quality finishes.

As a result, GALA was created with its permeability and views towards the landscape, which established a direct relationship and language between the sea and the mountain. This interplay of views has made GALA a privileged point in the city of Barcelona, where occupants can let their thoughts soar through its connection to the horizon.

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