Laura Molina

Design and Creativity

Architect and Project Director at MA&partners, Laura advocates for simplicity and the mix of styles in creating sober and timeless spaces. Her vision, a reflection of her education at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and enriching experience at the University of Illinois, champions the incorporation of natural, harmonious, and functional elements.

Meticulous in every detail, Laura seeks simplicity and clean lines. Her projects merge minimalist elegance with the warm essence of the Mediterranean, utilizing noble materials and neutral tones complemented by touches of color. Her main goal is to generate calm and warmth environments, promoting well-being and endowing them with personality through unique and handmade objects.

At MA&partners, Laura is a fundamental pillar of a collaborative and creative environment, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and team cohesion for the success of innovative projects. In love with the sea and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona, she balances her passion for design with her love for sailing, the serenity of yoga, and her love for art.