Jose Artesero

Architecture with Identity

Born in Barcelona and founder of MA&partners, Jose stands out in the architectural field by merging innovation and functionality from a modern perspective adapted to the digital age. Educated at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and with experience in Stockholm, his career spans from construction to design, always focusing on creating meaningful spaces.

Under his leadership, MA&partners has been established as a studio that prioritizes customized design, integrating the essence of the Mediterranean with global perspectives and touches of Japanese minimalism and Nordic materiality. Each project reflects this commitment to aesthetic and practical harmony, with Sa Tuna being a clear example of his ability to balance form and function while maintaining a unique and singular character.

In Barcelona, Jose has found a daily source of inspiration in architectural, technological, and design fields; where his vision goes beyond the conventional, always seeking how to implement design and architectural innovations to improve the human experience. This is complemented by his interest in business, allowing him to successfully navigate the intersection between creativity and commercial strategy.

Through MA&partners, he has managed to create a multidisciplinary balance based on collaboration and teamwork, where innovation and attention to detail are fundamental. His work and dedication to each project have consolidated MA&partners as a studio of architecture, construction, and design, maintaining a timeless philosophy, and always seeking the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and durability. His work, marked by clear influence and originality, continues to define the architectural landscape of Barcelona and beyond.