Farga is an architectural project nestled in L’Empordà, Catalonia’s northern region. Inspired by the olive trees that define the surrounding landscape, the design harmoniously blends with nature. Its timeless simplicity and delicate finishes create an enchanting atmosphere, where the past and present coexist in perfect harmony. Farga invites residents to embrace a lifestyle that embraces […]


Situated in Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona, Andrea is an architectural marvel that consists of four exquisite individual houses designed for privacy and independence. Each residence enjoys its own entrance and a seamless connection with the surroundings. Following the elegant Japandi standards, natural wood and limestone dominate the materials, creating a serene ambiance. Expansive […]


Siena is a stunning residence located in an exceptional enclave of the Costa Brava, Gerona. The interior design aims to create a warm atmosphere that respects the essence of the house while adapting it to the tastes and needs of the new owners. This project merges a traditional house with its surroundings by implementing changes […]

Selva de Mar

Construction: MA&partners Architecture: Domuslabs This is a project to construct a new reception for an office building characterized by a unique planter that defines the central space. The project is characterized by a high attention to detail, custom-made elements, complex shapes of the planter, and the installation of the reception with a play of suspended […]


Pleta is a residential project located near Puigcerdà, Girona. The project aims to maintain the essence of the location while conveying character without sacrificing functionality and the needs of the homeowners. Prior to the intervention, Pleta was characterized by an abundance of dark wood and a pronounced mountain style. Although harmonious in winter, this contradicted […]

Notaria Zona Franca

Construction: MA&partners Architecture: Estudio Engawa This is a project to unify and comprehensively renovate two existing commercial spaces in Barcelona. The project focuses on equipping and concentrating the office and private room areas on the sides of the resulting space while maintaining a central open and common area. The entrance to the space is complemented […]

Kenko Store

KENKO Organic aims to represent the brand’s values through superorganic architecture and materiality. From its unique entrance, visitors are welcomed by a textured wall made entirely of spread cream, which reflects the idea that the brand seeks to convey. The massage rooms are completed with pumice stone and earth tones, creating a sense of calm […]


GALA is a project that began in 2019 with the aim of finding the perfect property for our client resulting in an ideal location in a stunning penthouse in one of Barcelona’s prime areas. Previously used as an office, the penthouse’s prime location did not take full advantage of the magnificent views of the Mediterranean […]


Located in a classic building in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona, Gaiolà is a comprehensive renovation of ground-floor commercial space. The main objective of the project is to enhance the value of a linear space with great depth, and this is achieved by opening two skylights at the back of the space. This intervention provides […]


Construction: MA&partners Architecture: Domuslabs Located in Barcelona, Espronceda can be defined as a small gem in the centre of the city. It is a small-sized apartment with enormous potential complemented by a large terrace. The values of the project revolve around its high-quality detail, carpentry, and custom-made elements. The apartment offers privileged views and is […]