Aina Santanach

Innovation and Style in Design

Leading the Project and Architecture direction at MA&partners, Aina skillfully blends the efficiency and style of industrial design, with the aesthetics of modern interior design and timeless architecture. Educated at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and enriched by her Erasmus experience in Belgium, Aina has developed a distinctive approach that celebrates mixing, color, and textures, inspired by modern Barcelona and architectural icons like Coderch and Sert, characterizing the uniqueness and attention in each of her project elements.

Her fascination with design and attention to detail reflects an intimate connection with the city’s different scales and culture. Her interest in jewelry, fashion, and experimentation shows a creative and versatile personality that also plays with functionality and a global vision. At MA&partners, she stands out for her versatility, fostering an environment of synergy and multidisciplinary creativity, essential for the team’s success.

With a vision that goes beyond minimalism, Aina promotes authentic design, enriched by personalization with textures and colors, through which she reflects the personality and uniqueness of each user. Her philosophy underlines the importance of maintaining one’s style and the courage to experiment, driving projects that cross borders and set trends.